1. Stakeholders Survey

* 1. Your information (note--your e mail will not be published, the rest will be):

* 2. The new CA standard would ideally be most like (check one):

* 3. Appendix G UPC is the current greywater standard. The new standard would ideally take this approach to permits (check one):

* 4. In the UPC model code Ch 15 and the process that led to it, health concerns were (check one):

* 5. Rate the truth of each of these statements:

  completely true mostly true neither true nor false mostly false completely false
The homeowner compliance rate with the current CA greywater standards is almost zero.
Licensed professionals are dissuaded from installing simple greywater systems by the current standards.
More permissive greywater standards could greatly expand greywater business opportunities.
There are millions of unpermitted greywater systems in the U.S., mostly built by homeowners without aid of licensed professionals or reference to government standards.
Unpermitted greywater systems are getting people sick in large numbers.
More permissive greywater standards would pose a significant health threat.

* 6. Specifics
Current California law calls for supply lines to be buried 8", drip emitters 9", and mini-leachfield lines 11". Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas do not require emitters to be buried, instead specifying only that greywater not pond or run off.
There are no burial requirements for freshwater or reclaimed water irrigation.
Mulch 2" deep is specified in some best management practices; mulch over 4" deep is not recommended in high fire areas.
A survey of stakeholders present at the 4/27/2009 meeting yielded 20 in favor of zero emitter depth requirement, 2 in favor of 2 inches, none in favor of anything deeper.
Please help out HCD by entering the number of inches (zero to ?) you recommend for each of these proscriptive standards

* 7. Please answer Yes or No to the following:

  Yes No
The legacy Appendix K septic system disposal language in the greywater code should be removed and replaced with greywater/ reuse language; generally a requirement that greywater not pond or run off.
The legacy drawings in the code should be removed or replaced with new drawings.
Though it is not common in the plumbing code, the greywater appendix should start with a statement of purpose, in order to: make the underlying intent explicitly clear; help the standard remain useful in the face of rapidly evolving technology and new science; and provide big picture guidance to regulators for the use of the alternative materials and methods option.

* 8. HCD plans to close the window for substantial changes to their current draft on April 27th. What do you think about this (check ANY that apply):

* 9. HCD stakeholder responsiveness:

* 10. Please write anything else you'd care to share. Thank you for taking the time to answer this survey.