The Philadelphia STEM Equity Collective (PSEC) encourages everyone to speak up about misconduct or any behavior that doesn't align with our Guiding Principles or adheres to our mission of increasing the number of Black, Latinx and female Philadelphians going into STEM careers by 2030. This form is confidential - no personal information will be collected*.

If there's an urgent concern or immediate actions need to be taken, please contact Betsy Payne, the PSEC's Members Relations Manager or Diana Lievano, PSEC's Executive Director.

If your concern isn't urgent or you feel uncomfortable discussing the issue internally, you can use this confidential form to report your concerns. We will monitor this form and report on the findings at least monthly to the Steering Committee, Workgroups, Backbone, and/or the appropriate Entity.

*If you wish to be contacted about your concern, there will be an option at the end where you’ll be asked for an email or telephone so that either Betsy Payne, or Diana Lievano can reach you. If you decide to be contacted, your contact information will not be shared.

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