The 2020 New Mexico Humane Conference will take place August 6, 7 & 8 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

This year's theme is 2020 Vision. We will be focusing on how to take a holistic, "big picture" view of the challenges and successes in animal welfare across our country to help shape our life-saving efforts at home.

Our audience comes from a variety of backgrounds: animal control officers, animal care professionals, shelter staff, shelter management, veterinarians, veterinary technicians, behavior trainers and specialists, rescue groups, volunteers and executive directors. We seek workshops that will bring high quality professional development to meet the needs of this diverse group. 

What do our presenters speak about? Topics at our conference can cover any aspect of animal welfare. Generally, presentations fall into one of the following areas:

General Animal Welfare topics - Designed for anyone currently working in the animal welfare field and rescue community. May include topics on trends in animal welfare, recent research, successful programs that have helped you reach life-saving goals, shelter or rescue program development, animal handling and general behavior for any species and more.
Field Work and Animal Control topics - Designed specifically for animal control and law enforcement professionals. May include topics such as case building, investigations, dangerous animal handling, crisis communication with the public, community outreach and engagement and more.
Shelter Medicine - Designed specifically for veterinarians, vet techs, and animal care staff who are overseeing the daily health of shelter populations. May include topics on disease identification and outbreak control, commonly seen medical concerns for shelter pets, working with public clients and more. Most courses in this area are presented by a veterinarian. 
Shelter Behavior & Training - Designed for anyone currently participating in behavior training, consultation or enrichment development for sheltered pets. Topics focus on improving quality of life through behavioral approaches or basics of effective behavior interventions using LIMA (least intrusive, minimally aversive) techniques.
Management & Leadership - Designed for middle and upper management and board members that oversee or support the growth and development of their shelter or rescue. May include topics on fundraising, community engagement, human resource management, staff training, organizational culture, and leadership skill development. We encourage speakers from businesses and nonprofits both within and outside of the animal welfare industry.  

Sessions are provided as either 60 minute or 90 minute breakout presentations on Thursday & Friday, August 6th & 7th. Longer intensive workshop times (4 - 8 hours) are also considered for Saturday, August 8th.

Individuals or groups interested in presenting must complete the below form and submit by March 6, 2020 to be considered. Presentations that fit generally within the yearly theme or discuss the theme in some way in a broader topic are greatly encouraged. Selected presenters will receive complimentary registration to the conference and use of presentation equipment. Presenters typically are responsible for their own travel and lodging expenses. If you would like to submit a proposal but require additional financial support to attend, please include information on what expense reimbursement you would need in order to participate in the comments section. NMHC may or may not be able to assist with such needs.
Please Note: Presentation time should be for the exchange of educational information or ideas that our attendees can use to improve outcomes in their daily work. Presentations should not be used as platforms to sell goods, services or programs to our attendees.

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