On average, more than 500 people die on Maryland roadways annually. The Maryland Highway Safety Office, a division within the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration in collaboration with the National Study Center for Trauma and EMS at the University of Maryland Baltimore, is conducting voluntary surveys of Maryland motorists about pressing safety issues on our roadways. This research covers a variety of topics including, but not limited to, impaired driving, speeding, occupant protection, pedestrian/bicycle safety, and motorcycle safety. The results of this research will help in developing effective messaging and investments that will help reduce needless and preventable motor vehicle crash-related deaths and injuries.

Let us know how we’re doing by taking this brief survey (5 to 10 minutes) about highway safety in Maryland. Your input will go a long way in helping shape new and existing highway safety programs within Maryland, including enforcement and education efforts. The survey is voluntary and no personal information will be collected. You have the right to refuse to answer any questions. The survey is open to the public between October 15th, 2020 and August 15th, 2021. We are anticipating up to 10,000 participants annually.

For more information on our highway safety efforts, visit ZeroDeathsMD.gov

Note: 1). SurveyMonkey, the cloud-based survey tool being used for this survey, is not linked to, nor does it collect information regarding your email account. The only information collected about survey respondents is the information you provide to the survey questions. 2). The risk of loss/breach of confidentiality is low, because your answers to questions will be kept in an encrypted, password-protected computer file and they will not be connected to you personally. Confidentiality will be maintained to the extent provided by law. 3). You will not benefit directly from your participation in this study. 4). Only summary results will be shared with the MHSO and person level data will not be available to the public.

Any questions may be addressed to:
Principal Investigator: Roumen Vesselinov, PhD | National Study Center for Trauma and EMS -University of Maryland at Baltimore, 410-328-8426 | (HP-00092025)
Speed and Motorcycle Safety Programs Manager: Ernie Lehr | Maryland Department of Transportation Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration - Maryland Highway Safety Office| 410-787-4074

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