* 1. How many children in your household are homeschooled?

* 2. Approximately how much do your children use your household computers/laptops for their curriculum?

* 3. How important is it to you to have parental controls on your computers/laptops that control what your child can and cannot view on the internet?

* 4. Does your child use Facebook, MySpace, or other social networking websites?

* 5. If your answer to Question 4 was "Yes," is it important to you to know who your child is interacting with on those social networking websites?

* 6. If you were to implement parental controls or other protective programs on your computers/laptops, what type of programs would you like added?

* 7. If computer security isn't an issue for you, is there something else that you DO need in regards to your computers?

* 8. How willing would you be to hire someone that can set up all your computers/laptops to be protected for you and your children?

* 9. If I told you that I offer these services, would I be able to contact you via e-mail sometime in the future?