Thank you for participating in the Summit: Driving Community Home

We are anxious to hear about what you took away from the Summit and what you would like to learn about in the future.  We appreciate you taking a few minutes to fill out this short survey.   Thank you!

* 1. In what ways have you participated in a TSLCA event previously? 

* 2. What is one thing you learned at the Summit that you will take back to your community or your agency?

* 3. What is one thing you would have liked to learn or heard addressed that was not? Or, what is one thing you hoped you would learn, but did not.

* 4. Name one person or agency you connected with...someone you had not met before who you plan to reach out to in the future.

* 5. What topics would you like to see addressed at a future Summit?

* 6. Would you like to help plan a future TSCLA event?

* 7. On a scale of 1 to 5, how likely are you to attend a TSLCA learning event again (either an in-person event or a webinar)?  1 is low, 5 is high. 

* 8. Would you like another way to regularly be in touch with folks who can answer your technical questions? If yes, how would you prefer to get this assistance?

* 9. Overall, how satisfied were you with the Summit?

* 10. Please tell us why.