* 1. If you received a loan from HFBCU this year, how do you rate the process?

* 2. What did you think about HFBCU's loan rates throughout the year?

* 3. HFBCU offered different loan specials throughout the year. What are your thoughts on these specials? (Select all that apply)

* 4. When performing a transaction at HFBCU (Select all that apply)...

* 5. When I use Perfect Teller (online banking) through the HFBCU website (www.hfbcu.com)...

* 6. When I use Sybil (phone teller) by dialing 317-692-7006...

* 7. HFBCU's staff strives to meet and exceed each members needs. Have we dont that for you this year?

* 8. What are your thoughts of the credit union overall from the past year?

* 9. Would you recommend us to a family member, friend, or coworker?

* 10. Please feel free to tell us anything you want. Information you provide is anonymous unless you leave your name. Thank you!

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