1. Please respond to questions below. Thank you in advance for your time.

Approximate survey time is 5 minutes.

* 1. Child(ren)'s Name (Optional)

* 2. Child(ren)'s Classroom

* 3. My child(ren) and I have felt welcomed by all the teachers and staff members so far.

* 4. I am happy with the way the teachers and staff members have helped my child adjust to his/her new environment.

* 5. During drop off time, I have felt welcome to stay as little or as much time as necessary to help my child adjust to his/her new school environment.

* 6. So far, I feel the school curriculum is age appropriate and challenging enough for my child(ren).

* 7. I feel the teachers use proper guidance and disciplinary techniques that are age appropriate and effective.

* 8. I feel that I recieved sufficient information on my child's first day regarding drop off/pick up procedures, sign in, parent communication board, and general school procedures.

* 9. Please state what you like best about your child(ren)'s teacher(s)/general staff members, and any areas for improvement you would like to suggest. Please list teacher names as appropriate.

* 10. Please state what brought you to the decision to select Storyland as the right school for your child. Please also state what changes (if any so far) you would like to see. If there are any other questions or concerns you have at this time please describe below and someone will contact you.