* 1. What is the trading problem you're seeking to fix?

* 2. What have you tried to solve this problem or improve performance previously?

* 3. What can you point your finger at as being a source of the problem?

* 4. How would you classify yourself in terms of experience?

* 5. How would you classify your success thus far, be precise? If you are an investor – hold assets for months
or years; if you are a trader – hold less than a day not longer than a few weeks or months

* 6. How would you classify your tolerance for risk?

* 7. Have you considered your style of understanding the markets, which should be in gear with the way you trade the markets? What tactics make sense to you?

* 8. We have found that using this questionnaire is a great sounding board to assist investors/traders. Give them a framework to build a better plan on. Please use this space to provide anything you feel is important to you to tailor trading tools. You mater, you can't trade a plan that does not fit your configuration

* 9. Contact details, thank you

* 10. Contact email, thank you