1. Draft Plan Feedback

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The Metropolitan Transportation Commission's Draft 2023 Public Participation Plan lays out the framework for getting involved in MTC's work. The draft plan proposes refinements to MTC's guiding principles for public engagement and outlines MTC's techniques for continuous outreach.
Please review the Draft 2023 Public Participation Plan and tell us what you think below.

Public Comment Period:
Members of the public are encouraged to read and provide feedback on the draft plan by 5 p.m. on Monday, April 10, 2023. Input received during this 45-day public comment period will be reviewed and incorporated into the revised draft as appropriate before it goes to the Commission for adoption in early summer 2023. 

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MTC staff talking with community members at an outdoor event, while pointing to information boards on a sunny day in San Francisco.

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* 1. In drafting the 2023 Public Participation Plan, MTC staff revisited the guiding principles for engagement. Please provide your feedback on the proposed guiding principles in the comment box below.

MTC's Guiding Principles for Public Engagement:
  1. Effective engagement has a clear purpose. Defining the purpose for engaging the public, understanding the context and identifying the audience of those affected is imperative to ensure effective engagement from the standpoint of the agency and the participants.
  2. Effective engagement requires two-way education and relationship building. Acknowledging the expertise that exists within a given community and boosting community engagement with activities that increase mutual education supports productive conversations. Ongoing, mutual education improves outcomes and requires cultivating relationships with partners and communities to build trust and achieve consensus.
  3. Effective engagement is not one-size-fits-all. Efforts must be tailored to each unique project and audience to enhance community engagement while making every effort to increase participation opportunities for those most impacted by past and current decisions.
  4. Clear communication is essential in effective engagement. Public engagement must be conducted through clear and compelling communications that are appropriate for the intended audience. Leveraging inclusive storytelling builds shared understanding.
  5. Effective engagement demands accountability. Informing the public of opportunities to participate in the process and clearly demonstrating how community voices have influenced planning and policy decisions builds confidence in the public process.
  6. Engagement requires openness and transparency. An open and transparent public participation process empowers low-income communities and communities of color to participate in decision-making that affects them (adopted as an environmental justice principle by the Commission in 2006).

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MTC staff member addresses stakeholders while referencing information board at an event in the Bay Area Metro Center.

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* 2. After reviewing the Draft 2023 Public Participation Plan, what feedback do you have for MTC staff? Is anything missing that you think should be included?

Please submit your feedback in the comment box below.