THANK YOU for your work and contribution to the Equal Justice Program!

* 1. Student Name:

* 2. Today's Date (MM/DD/YYYY):

* 3. Anticipated Graduation Date (MM/DD/YYYY):

* 4. Name of Sponsor/Placement:

* 5. Code:

* 6. Supervisor's Name:

* 7. Briefly Describe Assignment (eg. type of work, subject area, type of client, specific issues):

* 8. How would you improve or change your placement?

* 9. Did you have contact with clients and/or the community? If so, briefly describe:

* 10. Did you find this placement to be a professional networking opportunity?

* 11. Additional Comments about the Equal Justice Program:

* 12. Type of Work Performed:

* 13. Type of Work (Continued):

* 14. Type of Work (Continued):

* 15. During my service I felt:

* 16. The number of hours I worked provided me:

* 17. The law-related service I provided was:

* 18. Overall, I feel my work was:

* 19. Please rate the following:

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Amount of Supervision:
Quality of Supervision:
Adequacy of Training:

* 20. If I could, I would have:

* 21. Did you work on a case/project involving indigent/under represented clients?

* 22. If yes, what was the impact of your experience on understanding the problems of the poor and under served?

* 23. How did public service work affect your interest in course work?

* 24. How did public service work affect your knowledge of a new area of the law?

* 25. How did the existence of the program affect your knowledge about pro bono/public service opportunities?

* 26. How did participation impact your confidence to engage in some form of public service activity?

* 27. The ethical obligation of an attorney to perform unpaid service work is: