Beverly ON TRAC (sponsored by Historic Beverly Preservation) is conducting a community wellness survey to understand how Beverly might provide more opportunities for Beverly residents and visitors to enjoy and thrive in their community. 

* 1. How far do you travel to recreate or socialize on a weekly basis? (select as many as apply)

* 2. Do you live in Beverly town limits?

* 3. Select all that apply to your personal health issues

* 4. What sort of physical activities do you enjoy participating in? check all that apply

* 5. How satisfied are you with Beverly’s recreational opportunities?

* 6. Where in Beverly and surrounding area do you go to spend recreational time outside?

* 7. Would you utilize a walking trail in town?

* 8. If yes, where would you most prefer a walking trail?

* 9. Could you please share how you think Beverly could improve its community recreational facilities?  

* 10. Might you be interested in participating in any of the following in Beverly?

* 11. Might you be interested in learning more information or attending workshops or classes on any of the following topics?

* 12. How would you prefer to participate in training to learn any of the above you might be interested in?

* 13. How important do you feel the following are to the economic development of Beverly?

  Very important Fairly important Not important Not sure
Recreation opportunities in/near Beverly
Local foods and products
Food markets
Preserving and maintaining our historic buildings
Encouraging heritage tourism
Businesses appealing to tourists (such as crafts or antiques)
Special events
Tourist lodging, such as a Bed & Breakfast
Service businesses for local residents
Medical or other professionals

* 14.  Would you like to share your contact information for more information about meetings, events, updates?

* 15. What is your age group?