Background Information

Our student database  (eTap) has the facility to provide parent access to the information we collect about your child. 
The parent portal is your one stop location for all school related information about your child, including: attendance, assessment, homework, behaviour, school events, and notices. You can also make contact with the class teacher through the site if you are unable to visit in person.
Our goal is to improve communication and positively influence the relationship between school and home.
We have decided to trial this facility with a few classes, and get feedback from you about the portal, the information and the usefulness of the access. There are only two questions to answer for this survey - thanks in advance.
(Brenda McPherson)

Question Title

* 1. Rate these categories based on how useful you would find it to access them  (1=most useful, 8= least useful)

Question Title

* 2. How often are you likely to use this facility?