This survey is designed to identify current broadband usage, the applications you use today, and the applications your agency would like to use in the future to support public safety operations. This survey additionally seeks to identify the critical data that needs to be accessed and shared by public safety over mobile broadband networks. What is an app? An app is a program that allows you to communicate, access data or perform a task using your smartphone, tablet or computer. 

By understanding how you use wireless broadband, the Government of the Virgin Islands (GVI) can advance common data sharing and interoperability objectives as well as address the mobile broadband capability requirements of the public safety community.  

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Note: We will not publish any individually identifiable information in reports of the survey data. Detailed responses that identify individuals or individual agencies will only be shared with BIT staff or those authorized by BIT to receive the information. Reports of the survey data will highlight aggregate findings from the survey responses, but not individual responses. If we directly quote a single response, we will not provide information that would identify the respondent or the respondent’s agency.  The survey responses will be held in the strictest of confidence among the ECN Wireless Broadband team.