Summer School

The administration would like your feedback regarding which classes you would like to see offered during summer school. Please note that while we are asking for student feedback, the availability of the courses will also depend on the availability of faculty to teach the courses.

* 1. Following is a list of classes that have been offered during summer school in the past along with the session in which the course was offered. Please indicate which class(es) you plan to enroll in and during which session you would like to see it offered.

  First Session Second Session Full Session
ACTG 201 Principals of Financial Accounting (1st)
ACTG 202 Principlas of Managerial Accounting (2nd)
ACTG 410 Cost Management Accounting I (1st)
ACTG 420 Cost Management II (2nd)
AHMS 144 Medical Terminology (online) (F)
ANTY 467 Archeological Field School (F)
AHXR 195 Radiographic Clinical II (F)
BFIN 322 Business Finance (1st)
BIOB 101 Discover Biology (2nd)
BIOB 102 Discover Biology Lab (2nd)
BIOH 201 Human Anatomy & Physiology (online) (1st)
BIOH 211 Human Anatomy & Physiology (online) (2nd)
BIOH 301 Human Anatomy & Physiology I (1st)
BIOH 311 Human Anatomy & Physiology II (2nd)
BIOH 302 Human Anatomy & Physiology I Lab (1st)
BIOH 312 Human Anatomy & Physiology II Lab (2nd)
BMGT 335 Management & Organization (1st)
BGEN 360 International Business (2nd)
BGEN 363 Business Ethics (1st)
BUS 329 HR Management (2nd)
CAPP 131 MS Office (1st)
CAPP 156 MS Excel (1st)
CAPP 158 MS Access (1st)
CHMY 121 Intro to General Chemistry (1st)
CHMY 122 Intro to General Chemistry Lab (2nd)
CHMY 141 College Chemistry I (1st)
CHMY 143 College Chemistry II (1st)
COMM 1216 Principles of Speaking (1st)
ECNS 203 Principles of Macro & Micro Econ (1st)
EGEN 201 Engineering Mecahnics - Statics (F)
EGEN 202 Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics (F)
EGEN 305 Mechanics of Materials (F)
EGEN 306 Mechanics of Materials Lab (F)
EGEN 324 Applied Thermodynamics (F)
EGEN 325 Engineering Economics
EGEN 335 Fluid Mechanics (F)
EGEN 336 Fluid Mechanics Lab (F)
ITS 125 Fundamentals of Voice & Data Cabling (1st)
ITS 220 Wireless LANs (1st)
M 090 Introductory Algebra (1st)
M 095 Intermediate Algebra (1st, 2nd)
M 121 College Algebra (1st)
M 151 Pre Calculus (1st, 2nd)
M 171 Calculus I (1st)
M 172 Calculus II (1st, 2nd)
M 273 Multivarialbe Calculus (1st)
M 274 Intro to Differential Equations (1st)
M 332 Statistics for Scienctists & Engineers (1st)
OSH xxxx - 40 Hour HAZWOPER Certification
PHL 325 Professional Ethics (online) (1st, 2nd)
PHYX 234 General Physics - Mechanics (1st)
PHYX 237 General Physics - Elec, Magn (2nd)
PTC 3506 Intercultural Communication (1st, 2nd)
SOCI 101 Sociology (online)
STAT 216 Intro to Statistics (1st)
TASK 090 Introductory Keyboarding (1st)
TASK 113 Keyboarding & Document Processing (1st)
WRIT 095 Developmental Writing (2nd)
WRIT 101 College Writing (1st, 2nd, F)