Your Future, Your Views on the Major Issues Offshore

Unite is opening up a campaign to put a new, more solid floor under the feet of the offshore workforce. What we stand for is clear: A safer, healthier industry, supported by more balanced rotas and greater security of employment.

Throughout the course of the year we will also be examining the strengths and weaknesses of existing offshore agreements.

If we are to influence the shape of the future, we need to show that we have the power to effect meaningful change now.

You can be a spectator to a future that is written for you or an author of what is written.

A better future is possible, if you choose to fight for it.

Help us achieve this by taking five minutes to share your views today.
All and any individual responses will be held as strictly private & confidential to Unite and will at no time be shared with management/HR or any other 3rd party.

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* 1. Name

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* 2. Email Address

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* 3. Mobile number

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* 4. Employer - Which OCA company do you work for?

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* 5. Name of Installation/Rig you normally mobilise to.

If Ad Hoc or if you have no set installation please write "Ad Hoc"

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* 6. Job Title

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* 7. Job Security:

How secure do you feel in your current employment? (Please check the box that best reflects your view of your current employment security)

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* 8. Job Security:

About your employment contract. Please check the box that best reflects your current contractual position

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* 9. Job Security:

How many times have you been made redundant and then re-employed (either by the same or a different company) offshore in the last 4 years?

Please check the box that best applies to your situation

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* 10. Job Security:

Is there anything else you would like to tell Unite about your job security

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* 11. Rotas:

What rota are you currently working

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* 12. Rotas:

Which of the statements below best reflects your view of offshore rotas

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* 13. Rotas

Please tell us, in your own words, your view of offshore rotas and how they impact upon you

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* 14. Offshore Trade Union Safety Reps:

Unite is calling for a return of independent trade union (TU) safety reps offshore.

Please check the box that best applies to your view of these calls and share any other opinions in the box below

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* 15. Your Offshore Agreements

Which of the statements below best reflects your view of the existing OCA Agreement?

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* 16. Your Offshore Agreements

What are the top three things you would like to change about the existing OCA Agreement?

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* 17. Your Offshore Agreements:

What other things would you like to say about the OCA Agreement? In particular what would you like the union to campaign on to change or amend about the OCA Agreement?

Please tell us in your own words

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* 18. Mental Health Offshore

Mental Health at work is a complex subject. We do not intend to ask about this subject in-depth at this time.

However, the RGU study found that 3 week working had a detrimental impact upon mental health. 

Which of the statements below best describe the impact of three week working upon your mental health and wellbeing? (Check all boxes next to the statements you identify/agree with)

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* 19. Mental Health Offshore:

Research in different sectors of the UK economy has shown that precarious or insecure work can impact upon mental health and wellbeing.

Please check all of the statements below that you would agree/identify with

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* 20. Mental Health Offshore

Are there any other areas of work that offshore that impact upon your mental health and wellbeing? If so, please tell us in your own words.

If you have any concerns about your ability to cope you can speak with your Unite Rep or Official. You can also speak to your GP or call any of the specialist mental health charities below:

Mind: 0300 123 3393 or text 86463
Samaritans: 116 123 (free calls)
CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably): 0300 585 858

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* 21. Internet Access

Unite Offshore is aware that the quality of internet access, in particular Wifi signal strength is in consistent offshore. Some operators have good internet access while others have very poor internet access.

Good access to the internet is important, particularly for staying in touch with family and friends during offshore rotation periods.

How would you generally characterise the quality of internet access offshore (please check the box that reflects your views):

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* 22. Your Future, In Your Hands.

The real power of a trade union comes from high membership density and high membership participation.

If we are to make a real difference in the months and years ahead we need as many members and workers to participate in union activity as possible.

Can you help out in any of the following ways? (Please check all boxes that apply to you)

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* 23. Is there anything that your particular employer is doing right now (big or small) that is annoying you and your colleagues at work?

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