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Would you like to discover more about yourself?

Maybe you’d like to be clearer about what God is calling you to do and to feel more fulfilled in your church work? The spiritual gifts questionnaire is a way to begin.

"The place God calls you to is the place where your
deep gladness and world's deep hunger meet."
-Frederick Buechner

Why is the Transition Team inviting us to explore our spiritual gifts?

When we discover our God-given gifts and our particular place of service as individuals, we experience greater fulfillment and the church becomes even stronger. The results of this spiritual gifts questionnaire will also reveal TrCon’s principle gifts and feed into our fall discernment about who God is calling TriCon to become and the characteristics of the minister that best suits our movement in this direction.

What are spiritual gifts?

The Holy Spirit gives us special abilities and aptitudes to accomplish God’s mission. We find the concept introduced in the Old Testament and reinforced in the New. The Holy Spirit gives each one in the church special traits that build up the Body of Christ to carry out God’s work.

The difference between the gifts listed in the Bible and other interests or talents is really only in how and to what we put them to use, because the source of all good gifts is God. We have included a wide range of gifts in this questionnaire – some that seem more religious and others more ordinary – and they are listed in no particular order, because all are necessary and valuable.

Our spiritual gifts are qualities that seem to come naturally to us – what we are good at and love doing – and they can also be developed over time. You may not recognize your own gifts, but it is sure that you have one or more, and other people that know you well can help point them out to you. When we are drawing upon the qualities that God has planted in us, it is empowering.

This questionnaire is not intended to be a quick survey. Please take your time. Reflect. Don’t rush! The questionnaire is NOT a test, but a tool of exploration!

**And don’t hesitate to ask for assistance from the church office or any of the people on the Transition Team.**

We want the experience to be fun and rewarding.

We want to receive as many completed questionnaires as possible by September 18, so that we can compile the results and celebrate TriCon’s spiritual gifts in the worship service on September 24. IF the 18th is not possible for you, we still want you to complete the questionnaire and turn it in as part of the fall season of Evolve 2017.       THANK YOU!


The Questionnaire Design Team: Nancy Haynes, Jean Vandergrift, Paul Mahoney, Dale Ryder, and Sarah Hart, on behalf of the Transition Team: Jane Turner Michael, Nick Bruning, Cynthia Schweppe, Andrew Thut, and Charity Tremblay

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Read through the description of the gift and ponder if or how it relates to you. Don’t assume that the gifts don’t apply to you and jump to ones that seem easy fits. Take time to consider them all.

Contemplate the four statements underneath the description of the gift. They are offered to assist in determining if the gift fits you well.  For example, if all four of the statements seem to pertain to you most of the time, then it is a good sign that this gift is one of yours.

The final decision on your spiritual gifts, however, rests with you.  Please click "YES" to those gifts that resonate as yours.

At the end of the questionnaire, you will also find lines where you can write in additional spiritual gifts you perceive you have that were not covered by the questionnaire and to share any that you feel you'd like to explore or develop further.

Spiritual Gifts from the Bible

(See Romans 12:1-8; 1 Corinthians 12:1-31, 14:1-5; Ephesians 4:1-15; 1 Peter 4:8-11)

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Leadership is a visionary and forward-looking gift. Leaders have the ability to lead and direct members to accomplish the goals and purposes of the church. They seek God’s will in all things, and their leadership motivates people to work together in unity toward common goals.
  • I am usually looking ahead and thinking about how our church and/or the groups of which I am in charge can be even more effective and meet our goals.
  • People tend to nominate me into leadership roles.
  • I enjoy helping members of the groups I lead grow into their own capacities and become leaders.
  • I seek God’s direction in my leadership responsibilities.

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Persons with the gift of ADMINISTRATION enable the church to organize according to its God-given purposes and long-term goals. They are detail-oriented and able to steer and encourage others to remain on task, working with greater efficiency.
  • I am usually able to perceive the steps that will get us from point A to point D in church activities and planning.
  • People tend to ask me to manage systems, organize events, keep track of our progress, and take notes.
  • I enjoy working with people, delegating, problem solving, and helping our church to reach its God-given goals.
  • It comes naturally to me to remember many details and to tie up loose ends, even financial ones, in order to manage our life together as church

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Teaching is the ability to verbally convey and model the content of the faith, thereby enabling learning. The ultimate purpose of this gift is to build up, unify, and mature the Body of Christ, so that the church can positively witness in word and deed in the world.
  • I care that children, youth, and adults learn more about the faith and the Bible, but ultimately that they grow spiritually into the potential God sees in them.
  • People tend to tell me that when I explain a faith concept or tell a bible story, that I make it interesting, clear, and compelling.
  • I love it when “the lights go on” in someone else upon hearing new information and grasping a new idea concerning the faith!
  • I am good at preparing lessons and presentations for group discussion.

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This is the God-given ability to acquire knowledge and share information with others in useful ways, particularly to know God's Word.  This gift is not the same as teaching, but teaching makes use of the gift of knowledge.
  • I really enjoy reading, studying, and learning new things, especially because seeking knowledge really helps me live a better life.
  • People tend to think that I probably have answers for their questions about certain topics, not only in the religious realm, but on other kinds of subjects too.
  • I am usually able to retain information and can apply it to practical situations.
  • I try to be sensitive and not overload people with facts, but I like sharing what I know.

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Wisdom is the gift that perceives the work of the Holy Spirit in the church and the world, understanding the deeper meaning in every day life. Those that are wise have come into maturity through various trials of life and faith and are willing to share humbly from this experience, often helping others analyze and discover their own wisdom in the midst of dilemmas.

  • I spend quite a bit of time listening to God, myself, and others.
  • People tend to ask my opinion or viewpoint about certain situations in which they are confused and uncertain.
  •  It comes naturally to me to look for deeper meaning in what occurs every day.
  • If I can save someone else some heartache by sharing from my own experience, it pleases me, but I am reluctant to push my views onto others.

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The gift of prophecy is being open to God speaking through us. It is boldly proclaiming the Word of God in order to build up the church and inspire it into action in the world. It often manifests itself in preaching and teaching, and at times it may include the ability to see into the near future, empowering some of us to interpret God’s activity in the present.

  • Sometimes a new insight comes into my awareness that feels particularly timely and from God, not just my own musings. It may manifest via a thought or a dream, out of a current event or discussion with others, from prayer or from bible study, and I feel compelled to share it.
  • People often tell me that these insights resonate with them and/or stimulate their reflection.
  • I love it if and when these insights help an individual or the church to perk up and do something.
  • It is pretty easy for me to see the connections between different aspects of what the church is doing and the times in which we live.

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Discernment is a gift of deep intuition and prayerful insight. It is the ability to recognize the true intentions of others and to distinguish between positive and negative influences and messages, and between truth and error, so that the church can follow the Holy Spirit. Discernment is also able to see the big picture, which helps in guiding the church.

  • I enjoy listening to the stories, thoughts, and needs of others, often empathizing with them.
  • When I pray, I become more able to notice what is holding a group together and what is holding it back, plus what is motivating an individual’s comments and behavior.
  • People tell me that I seem wise for my years, and that I have helped them find the better path.
  • I am particularly interested in the church going forward according to God’s guidance and am constantly looking for clues about the movement of the Holy Spirit

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Possessors of this gift encourage members to be involved in and enthusiastic about God’s Word and work. Members with this gift are good motivators, empowering and supporting others, especially those that are facing trials or getting discouraged, calling forth the best from them.
  • People tell me that I get people enthused about tasks, projects, goals, and doing good in the world.
  • I really feel great when I have been able to listen and then say a word that encourages someone else.
  • I am not too shy about speaking in front of others given the right moment.
  • It comes naturally to me to want to achieve our goals as a group, especially when we sense that God is calling us in this direction.

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Pastors, laity, staff, and others can manifest the gift of shepherding. It refers to mentoring and helping others grow in faith, but also to looking out for the spiritual, physical, and emotional welfare of others. Those with the gift of shepherding have joy in caring for others through concrete actions of love and guidance.
  • It doesn’t bother me to come into close proximity with those that are sick or distressed. In fact, I feel as if I am doing something important and demonstrating love as I visit.
  • People seem to appreciate the time I spend with them. They feel remembered and this comforts them.
  • It’s satisfying to guide a group and help them find their way and to grow, such as a Sunday school class, or a prayer group, or even a committee.
  • It is more of a gift to me, I’m sure, that to the other, when I make contact by phone or in person.

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The gift of faith is confidence that God works all things together for good. Believers with this gift model and encourage others to trust in God in all circumstances, even in the face of apparently insurmountable odds.
  • I realize that all is not well in the world, but I trust that God is working for good.
  • People look to me for an encouraging and positive word in difficult times, and they count on me to be calm and to take a stand when others waffle.
  • It is more difficult for me to doubt God and others than to believe in them, and I credit a healthy prayer life for this confidence.
  • When our church works together to accomplish our mission and to support it financially, I am sure that we will meet our goals, or if not, that something better will come of the situation in due course.

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The gift of EVANGELISM is the gift of faith-sharing. “Evangel” means “gospel,” in other words, “good news.” It is the ability to speak and live the good news of God’s love in such a way that others outside of the church are led to know God, make a commitment to Christ, and unite with the church in mission.

  • I love to meet new people, and at the appropriate time, to invite them to church.
  • It is easy for me to remember why I made a commitment to Jesus Christ and his church, and I hope that others will do the same.
  • I think it is also possible that people are drawn into faith by observing those that work for justice and peace.
  • People tell me that I show enthusiasm for the life of faith and that this attracts them.

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Those with the gift of service/helping recognize practical needs within the church, either among its membership or within its programming, and joyfully give assistance to meeting those needs. Christians with this gift do not mind working behind the scenes and enjoy doing for others.

  • I really like sharing the burdens of those in leadership, helping them with tasks that ultimately lead to successful programming.
  • People say that they find me cheerful and reliable.
  • It does not bother me whether the job is big or small, messy or easy; I like doing my part through concrete activities.
  • My ministry is varied and interesting; I do not really want to be “in charge.”

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Willing acts of compassion characterize those with the gift of mercy. Persons with this gift empathize with the hurting and the downtrodden and want to alleviate their suffering. They also keep others aware of the needs within and outside the church.
  • I don’t find it difficult to extend grace and forgiveness to those that have made mistakes, knowing how often I fall short, and because I want them to be able to start over.
  • My heart aches for those that are bereaved, hurting, or ill, and I feel better when I connect with them.
  • It is really empowering to me to participate in giving campaigns for the needy with my money, time, and prayer.
  • I think that kindness and humble, daily attention to the needs of others, as well as assistance in times of crisis, is doing what Jesus would do.

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The gift of healing is not about transferring spiritual power to eliminate suffering and disease, but the ability to channel God’s grace and healing love to those who suffer physical, emotional, or spiritual pain through listening, touch, prayer, or other means.
  • When I connect with people who are in various forms of distress, including sickness, I feel as if I am sharing in the power of God to bring healing.
  • It is very important to me to practice forms of prayer that keep me close to God.
  • People appreciate my being present to God and to them at the same time.
  • I cannot explain the way that people get better when I pay attention to them, but I know that any healing comes from God’s love.

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All of us are free, able, and called to give.  Members with the particular gift of giving contribute to the work and mission of the church especially joyfully and generously.  They actively look for ways to share their resources to support God's work and bless others.
  • God has blessed me with financial and other resources, and I remember the scripture, that to whom much has been given much is required.
  • I don’t feel like it is a sacrifice to give of my time, talent, and monetary reserves to the causes that God blesses. It is not my loss but my gain.
  • Since there is so much to be done in the name of love, I think that it is important that people contribute generously through the church.
  • The whole earth belongs to God and all I have is a trust from God. I like being a good and faithful steward and seeing the giving multiply.

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Those with this gift have the ability to make visitors, guests, and strangers feel at ease, thereby helping to welcome and integrate new people into the fellowship of the church.  Those that are hospitable may choose to open their homes to others through socials, church events, or as shelter for those in need, and/or be involved in making the church more welcoming.  Most of all, they open themselves to those that are new or different, to show and experience God's love.

  • I really like creating spaces and programs that welcome others and help them feel safe and open to the spiritual.
  • It is easy for me to lose track of time when I am cooking and decorating – preparing for guests.
  • The scripture about entertaining angels unawares makes sense to me, because I experience God in relationships with others, even strangers.
  • People describe me as open, welcoming to those that are different, and able to adjust to surprises.

Additional Spiritual Gifts

The following Spiritual Gifts are not explicitly mentioned in the Bible but can be inferred.  The biblical list is a starting point, but because God is the source of all good gifts, there are more qualities than them that help the church function and carry out vital ministries in the world, a few of which we have added here.

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This is the gift of seeing the humorous connections in real life between events and people, including within the Bible and communities of faith. It is the ability to laugh and share irony, thereby enabling tensions to dissipate and perspective to be restored.
  • I think that jokes and funny remarks are the most memorable part of sermons.
  • When I get to know another person, I can usually make him or her laugh.
  • People tell me that they have fun when I’m in their group.
  • I use my sense of humor to relieve tension between people.

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This is a way of seeing life and faith more than a matter of skill. People with this gift are inclined to be visually and spatially creative, drawn to and sometimes able to produce symbolic or representational expressions of feeling and spiritual truth that inspire others. Art covers all sorts of media, painting to architecture to graphic design.
  • I am sensitive to color and images used in the worship space, and like to suggest ways of making the sanctuary more inviting.
  • I receive a lot of joy in creating art and images for myself or for display.
  • I feel alive and closer to God when I can share my art with others.
  • People comment that my artistic ways convey something transcendent – of God, even

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This gift is about the love of music as well as skill.  Musical people have a strong connection to how various types of music creates a mood and moves people.  Those with this gift may also have the ability to compose and/or perform vocal or instrumental music that deepens their faith and that of others.
  • Music, either hearing or performing it, transports me into a kind of communion with God and mystery.
  • I love to sing and encouraging others to sing.
  • It gives me pleasure to perform music anywhere, but especially during worship.
  • People tell me that I have a good sense of the kind of music that would be right for different kinds of situations.

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Those with the gift of food preparation receive great satisfaction from cooking, baking, and preparing food. To feed others is a way of being connected to God and others and creative, as well as alleviating hunger and serving others’ needs.
  • I look forward to working in the church kitchen, helping with potlucks, and making food for the Caring Connection or Open Table.
  • When I see images of those at home and abroad that are hungry, my heart aches, and I would love to do something to relieve their hunger.
  • People tell me that the meals I make are delicious – “comfort food.”
  • I think it is important, not only how food tastes and how it is presented on the table, but how it connects people to each other and to God.

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The gift of writing is a form of communication – the ability to express feelings, describe situations, and convey spiritual truths in written form in such a way that others are able to absorb and appropriate the message. “Writing” refers to various genres, not only prose, but poetry, whether on paper or computer.
  • I enjoy putting faith lessons into words that are clear and compelling.
  • I find it easier to write down my thoughts than to speak in front of others.
  • People say that they get a lot from my writing and understand subjects better upon reading what I have written.
  • One way I can pray is through journaling.

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People with this gift are particularly drawn to younger people, to their well-being and to helping them reach their full potential. It is the ability that some adults have to remember and connect with the stages of childhood and adolescent development, to welcome the children as Jesus did, and to encourage their learning in faith.

  • I have empathy for children; I understand what it felt like to be small in an adult world.
  • Kids say the funniest things; I like to teach Sunday school, because I get to hear about the Bible from their perspective.
  • It really bothers me to think of any young person being hungry, abused, or neglected, and I want to be a part of helping them find what they need, including a spiritual path.
  • People often notice that I have a rapport with kids or youth.

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