Another Penicillin Documentary - The Survey

Because I need something for design cycle. So. You probably need to see a certain video to answer these questions, or you be trollin' :/

I would appreciate if you give some constructive criticism in the comments section if you select the "this video sucks" answer (as opposed to the "double rainbow awesome" answer).

* 1. How is the video quality? Shaky, clear, etc.

* 2. For the text that popped up, was it easy to read and clearly visible?

* 3. Did you get a (better) knowledge/understanding of a certain chemist from watching this video?

* 4. How were the sound effects/music choices? Were they appropriate, did you like them, did they set the mood?

* 5. Was the documentary entertaining, relatable, humorous...

* 6. What do you like most about the documentary?

* 7. What changes would most improve the documentary?