In June 2014 the Counter Fraud 2020 plan was published at the CCFS annual conference. After a period of consultation we have amended the plan. We would now like to present to the political parties before the General Election. In doing so we would like to show the level of support for it. We hope you can do this in some form by indicating your support below.

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* 1. If you support the Counter Fraud 2020 plan please write your name, job title and organisation below. This information will not be published and kept private. We will merely state that x number have indicated support.

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* 2. We would also like to publish the document with a list of supporters. We realise that many of you will be in positions where this is not possible, but some of you might be able to do this in full or in an anonymous way. Please write below what you would be prepared to have linked to the document. For instance it might be:

Nothing (leave blank)
Fred Bloggs, Consultant, Bloggs Consultants (actual name, job and organisation)
Counter Fraud Specialist, London Local Authority (job title and anonymous organisation)
Director of Counter Fraud Services, Public Sector (job title and broad sector)