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In 2014 the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) called upon Canadian medical schools to respond to the undeniable health disparities that exist between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Canada. The TRC recognized that to address these disparities we must both increase the number of Indigenous medical students in Canada and appropriately educate non-Indigenous students about the history of Indigenous Peoples on these lands. This education must include dialogue about how colonizing healthcare practices themselves have created these health disparities and must stress that it is the responsibility of all involved in the healthcare system to close these gaps. 
We recognize that in order for medical schools to effectively answer the TRC's calls to action they must have an understanding of the experiences and perspectives of Indigenous medical students at their institution. In an effort to support this goal, we are gathering the voices of Indigenous medical students across Canada. 
Survey results will be analyzed and translated into report cards, which will then be distributed to each school in hopes of providing feedback on how Indigenous medical students and residents felt in the 2021-2022 academic year. This is the third year running that this survey will be administered, and we hope to continue this project longitudinally in order to measure and celebrate each school's growth. 
The results of the report cards do not necessarily reflect how much work has been done at each school, but rather how students feel being Indigenous in medicine. Previous report cards ultimately suggest that despite efforts to implement change, students continue to experience racism in their academic environments. 
Below you will find the 2021-2022 TRC Report Card Survey. This survey is intended for all Indigenous medical undergraduate students and Indigenous residents in Canada. 
Your voice contributes to our goal of ensuring the implementation of these calls to action for longitudinal change in the Canadian healthcare system.  We are grateful for your participation.
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