1. DynaExec Assessment Survey

Most Sales VPs fail within 12 months. Take this brief survey to find out how your company would benefit from DynaExec.

* 1. We have full confidence in the sales and marketing management teams that are driving results.

* 2. The technology we have invested has no competitors and/or competitive pressures.

* 3. Sales and revenues are satisfactory or exceeding expectations.

* 4. The current management team has a successful track record driving results and revenues.

* 5. A thorough market research has been performed and our company service or product is being marketed effectively.

* 6. The company is positioned for a rapid ROI, Sale, or IPO.

* 7. The current management team is 100% honest during the business reviews and is at least 75% accurate with forecasting sales.

* 8. The proper Lead Generation efforts are being made/The pipeline is healthy and growing with solid business leads and opportunities.

* 9. Our current clients are very happy and eager to be references.  We leverage their success to build our business.

* 10. Find out your results!

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