APA-NC 2017 Annual Conference Mentor Match Program

APA's Mentor Match program will connect you with emerging professionals to meeting and network with during the APA-NC Annual Conference in Greenville.

We will provide you with the mentee contact information prior to the start of the conference (they will also receive yours). You will have a chance to meet your mentee face-to-face on Wednesday, September 27th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm during the APA-NC Welcome Reception and on Thursday September 28th at the Membership and Diversity Mixer starting at 6:30pm. You are also both encouraged to meet up at any other times that meet your schedule throughout the conference.

Contact Nate Baker

* 1. First and last name

* 2. Name of employer

* 3. Position Title

* 4. I work in the:

* 5. Email address

* 6. Cell phone number

* 7. Where do you work?

* 8. Which days will you be attending the conference?

* 9. Are you willing to be assigned more than one mentee?

* 10. Are you AICP certified?

* 11. In a few sentences, please describe your areas of expertise or fields of planning. Are there specific areas of planning that you feel confident talking about with your mentee? 

* 12. Please describe your current level of involvement with APA. Are you active at the national, state, division level in some capacity?