Please complete this short survey to register for the children's virtual programs. Thank you for your time!

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* 1. Please fill out your name and email address

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* 2. I agree that Simcoe County CAPC staff may contact me at the email provided to give me information about the programs I express interest in. This consent can be withdrawn at any time.

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* 3. Which children’s programs would you like to register for?
Zoom meeting log-in information will be sent to you by email each morning of the program(s) you select.

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* 4. Which CAPC location do you normally attend?

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* 5. If you choose to participate in our virtual groups, you agree that:

*You will protect your privacy by participating from a private space, understanding that others in the chat can see you and your surroundings. Remember that teleconferences, Zoom meetings, and Social Media forums are not a private means of communication. CAPC staff will not discuss private information by email or text. A telephone conversation from a private space is the best way to have a personal conversation. Likewise, our staff will always be working in a private space when they are in contact with you.

* You will be careful of what you share online, knowing that privacy is limited in these situations.

* You will remember that all CAPC staff have a duty to report any time they suspect that a child is being abused. This duty remains in place online the same as in program.

* You will respect the privacy of others by keeping what is said at the program confidential. What is said in the program stays in the program. Pictures or recordings are strictly prohibited.

* You will respect the uniqueness of all individuals and families without judgement of different personal features like marital status, culture, race, sexual orientation, or financial status.

* You understand that participation in virtual meetings is optional, and by participating you indicate your consent to share information with other people present in the meeting.

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