Welcome to SkillsDMC survey

Thank you for taking the time for this survey.

SkillsDMC is the developer of the Resources and Infrastructure Industry (RII) Training Package which is based on the skilling needs of your industry sector/s. We constantly review and update the Training Package to ensure its relevance to your sector’s specific work practices.

The purpose of this survey is to seek your feedback on the challenges facing workforce planning and development in your organisation or workplace. This critical information will help us to broadly understand the skilling needs of your industry sector/s but more specifically how to ensure these skilling requirements are reflected in the units of competency and qualifications within the RII Training Package. Your input will help inform the schedule of revision and development activity within a four year workplan from 2016-2020.

If you have additional feedback beyond what is collected in this survey, please email to trainingpackage@skillsdmc.com.au