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Collecting your stories in your own words

The Chyssem Project e-book will be a collection of individual stories based on the journeys of the first Tibetans who immigrated to Canada. Participants will be free to share a story of their own choosing by using the questions listed below as a thought-provoking general guide.

These questions are intended to help participants tell their story by, sparking memories of their life's journey in Tibet, in India, immigration to Canada, or all three of these periods.

Not all questions need to be answered.

This platform is intended to be a tool to collect stories limited to 2500 words or less.  We suggest that stories be first written in a Word or Google document and then copied and pasted into the relevant section(s) below.

 For examples of how some stories may be told, please refer to our web site’s section titled E-Book

Stories will be edited and sent to the author for their approval prior to publication.
Can you describe a particular event that you witnessed, an event for which your memories are clear?
(It could be, for example, the demonstration in Lhasa on March 10th, the arrival of HHDL in India, or something else entirely. Any details that you can recall about the event are welcome.)

Some questions to help?

Question Title

  What is your most vivid memory of Tibet?
  How was it different before and after the Chinese invasion?
  How did the Chinese invasion affect your family?
  How did you decide to leave?
  What was the hardest thing about leaving Tibet?
  Why did you escape?
  What was the most challenging moment during your escape?
  Who was with you?
  What is your most vivid memory of that journey?
  What did you bring with you?

Question Title


 What was the hardest adjustment in India?
 What did you miss most about Tibet?
 What did you find most surprising about India?
 How did you hear about Canada’s immigration program?
 What was your occupation in India before coming to Canada?

Question Title


Decision to immigrate
 Why did you choose Canada as a country to immigrate?
 What were your hopes and dreams when coming to Canada?
 What was your first job in Canada?
 How did you choose where to live?

First impressions
 What was your first impression when you arrived in Canada?
 Did you miss anything from India? If so, what?
 How did you feel about starting over again?
 What did you find most challenging (e.g. language, customs…)?

 Can you tell me about any other work you have done?
 Do you have children? Were they born in Tibet, India, and/or Canada? Can
you describe what family life is like in Canada?
 Have you been involved a Tibetan cultural group or other community groups in Canada? 

Integration and Belonging
 What do you enjoy most about living in Canada now?
 Do you feel “Canadian”? How do you identify culturally?
 Is there something that makes you feel proud about being a Canadian?
 Have you faced challenges while living in Canada? Can you tell me about
 Has your diet changed as a result of living in Canada? (e.g. types of food you eat)
 Has your social or family life changed in Canada?
 What about religion?

Question Title

* 4. Message for future generations
 What do you hope for future generations of Tibetans in Canada?
 What should they know about Tibet?
 What do you hope your descendants will remember about you?
 What advice do you have for future generations of Tibetans?

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