The tool below is a draft. This represents the best thinking so far of the group that has created it. But it's not done yet - and potentially will never be finalized. Other voices (like yourself) will share ideas or revisions to the language that has not yet been addressed or could be better said. Other constituencies will see this project and share more ways to improve this tool. And hopefully the current highest level (thriving) will lead to an even higher goal.

A few notes before you jump in:
  • The rows or categories are extensive, interrelated, and meant to underscore the overall ecosystem affecting artists.
  • “We” in the rubric can refer to any group, organization, or network that works—or wants to work—with artists. We invite you to define your own “we” in the way that seems most generative for your work.
  • If a rubric row doesn’t apply to your work, ask: who else in my community might it apply to? And does the row allow me and them to thoughtfully and rigorously assess their work?
  • We encourage you to start working with the rubric within your work, communities, organizations, public processes, practice, etc.  The order of the rows can be changed based on your needs.  You are welcome to modify the rubric for the task at hand.
Finally, you're not in this alone! There are people like you all across the country exploring this tool. Connect with the growing network on social media.  Together, we can all set the conditions so that ARTISTS THRIVE!

Unfortunately the system we are using will not allow you to easily print out your answers.  However, if you download the file below and circle the answers as you also fill in this online form, you'll be all set!

Questions as a Survey
Same questions embedded in the Artists Thrive Tool