* 1. What is the location of your property? (City/State)

* 2. What is your biodynamic enterprise?

* 3. How long has it been since you had significant rain, prior to completing the sequential spray, using the Drought Breaker Kit?

* 4. How often do you apply biodynamic preparations per year?

* 5. For how many years have you been applying biodynamic preparations?

* 6. What was the weather when you did the sequential spray?

* 7. What were you observations of changes in the weather during and after sequential spraying?

* 8. What was your mindset when stirring and spraying the preparations?

* 9. If you had a rain event up to 1 week after the sequential spray, how much did you receive?

* 10. Have you had follow up rain?
Please leave any other comments about your experience here.
Thanks for participating!