Welcome to Southern Virginia's Wage and Benefits survey.

Part 1: Online Survey

Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important. You should be able to complete this survey in 20 minutes or less.

Please note, you will be asked for organizational information in this survey. However, your company information will remain anonymous after taking the survey as individual data will not be shared. Information will be grouped and only aggregate data will be shared.

This survey will assess company profiles & employment counts, wage practices, benefits, incentives, & special programs.

Part 2: Excel Spreadsheet

In order to provide an accurate analysis of the labor shed in this region, a detailed analysis of employment metrics will be utilized to accompany the survey results. This data from your human resource records will not identify names but will allow for aggregate analysis of:

- In and out commuter patterns of the regional workforce
- Demographics of the region's workers by age, ethnicity, and gender
- Salary information by grouped job description & practices