Dear Linked Data- / Semantic Web-Community in Munich,

we got the question from the community, whether we could have a Hackathon around Semantic Web/Linked Data/ GoodRelations.

This survey is to check your interested and to give us some information on when/how we show should organize it.

* 1. Are you interested in a hackathon for these topics?

* 2. Would you participate in the Hackathon? If yes, for how long?

* 3. When should it take place?

  best okay impossible
on the weekend
during the week

* 4. Please tell us, when during the early next year this fits best in your schedule.

  best likely ok a bit difficult impossible
early February
late February
early March
late March
early April
late April
early May
late May
early June

* 5. Do you have a project for the hackathon in mind?

* 6. Which skills do you miss for your project?

* 7. What should we take care of in the Hackathon organization?

* 8. Please provide us with your email address in case of questions (optional)

Thank you for your feedback!