The City of Richardson is committed to increasing recycling in our community and your input is very important. In an effort to identify ways to improve the current recycling program, we are asking residents to complete the following survey and return it. Those residents who complete the survey and return it by January 20 will be entered into a drawing for one of four $50 gift cards to Lowe's and Home Depot. For questions regarding the survey, please call 972-744-4223.

* 1. What is your name and address? (Please provide if you wish to be entered into the drawing.)

* 2. How old are you?

* 3. Please indicate your gender.

* 4. What is your zip code?

* 5. What type of residence do you live in?

* 6. How did you learn about the City of Richardson's recycling program?

* 7. Do you know you can get two free rolls (52 count) of blue bags per year?

* 8. What time of year do you usually run out of your free blue bags?

* 9. Which programs are you aware of that the City currently offers to residents?

* 10. Which programs do you regularly participate in?

* 11. If you do not participate in residential recycling regularly, please indicate why. We are trying to identify residential barriers. (Select all that apply.)

* 12. If inconvenient, why?

* 13. If lack of space, why?

* 14. Is there anything the City could do differently, which would result in you starting to recycle or recycling more? (Select all that apply.)

* 15. Where do you currently get your blue bags? (Select all that apply.)

* 16. Do you know everything that you can put into your blue bag to recycle?

* 17. What items do you recycle in blue bags? (Select all that apply.)

* 18. Do you rinse out your food containers before you put them in your recycling bag?

* 19. If you recycle, how many blue bags do you use a week?

* 20. Where in your home do you keep your blue bags that you are filling with recyclables?

* 21. What do you think is the most difficult aspect of recycling on a daily basis?

* 22. If inconvenient, please explain why.

* 23. If lack of space, please explain why.

* 24. Is there anything the City could do to help make recycling easier?

* 25. How do you dispose of your yard clippings? (Select all that apply.)

* 26. Do you use plastic bags to dispose of your yard clippings, why? (Select all that apply.)

* 27. What is the best way to inform you about recycling information? (Select all that apply.)

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