The North Central Indiana Economic Development Partnership (NCIEDP) along with the six counties within North Central Indiana, have hired the services of Explorer Solutions, a consulting firm, to perform a supply chain analysis that will help focus our efforts in business expansion and attraction.

We appreciate you taking a few minutes to complete this online survey. The results of which will provide Explorer Solutions with a more precise portrait of activities within North Central Indiana and aid them in developing strong recommendations that will enhance future economic opportunities and prosperity in our region for years to come. 

* 1. What industry sector do you represent?

* 2. What are your top 5 purchased inputs (regardless of origins)?

* 4. Who are your top 5 suppliers?

* 5. What is preventing you from sourcing more inputs from within North Central Indiana?

* 6. What are your annual sales volumes?

* 7. Who are your top 5 customers (regardless of origins)?

* 9. What is preventing you from identifying more prospective customers from within North Central Indiana?

* 10. Please provide us with your contact information which may be used to contact you regarding business development, new supplier or supply chain opportunities.