By taking three minutes to answer just six quick questions in this survey you can find out whether your project/organisation is eligible to apply for PPCF support.

* 1. Is the work you wish us to fund in the field of peace-building or environmental sustainability?

* 2. Is the work you wish us to fund at a national level in the UK, or at UN or European level, and focused on achieving policy change or attitude change likely to shift policy?

* 3. Is the work to be carried out by a project/organisation based in the UK?

* 4. Is the work that you are seeking support for charitable in UK law?

* 5. Does your organisation have a turn-over of under £500,000 per year?

* 6. Have you ensured that you are not applying in any of our excluded areas (these include conservation, academic research, international or community development, emergency relief work, and others listed in our criteria)?

That completes the questions. If you have answered 'yes' to all, then you are eligible to apply to PPCF for support using our applications procedure. If you have answered 'no' or 'other' to any question, then you may not be eligible to apply, and you should contact the Trust Secretary before progressing your application further.

If you still unclear about your eligibility, please contact our Trust Secretary before applying.

These questions reflect a continuation of recent PPCF policy, and recently funded organisations are likely to be eligible to re-apply.