The Chefs' Manifesto Network is taking a leading role to further focus the SDG roadmap for chefs, asking chefs to come together with one collective voice, to drive forward action throughout 2021 and beyond.
As a first step, we compiled a survey to learn what chefs perceived to be the top practical actions that will enact change in the Decade of Action.
The full results of the survey can be found here.
The Chefs' Manifesto are now asking chefs to sign the Chefs’ Pledge, committing to one or more of the following practical actions, thereby creating collective momentum to rally greater attention and engagement of food systems champions as agents of change, at key global events.
Chefs together, can change the world.
The Chefs' Manifesto will aim to share this pledge at or alongside the UN Food Systems Summit in September, magnifying the voices of chefs everywhere.

From these 8 areas, chefs have created simple ACTIONS to provide a practical guide that chefs can use to deliver change through their kitchens, classrooms and communities.
The UN Food Systems Summit will be convened by UN Secretary-General António Guterres in September 2021. The purpose is to shape global commitments and to raise global awareness of food systems, that they might be transformed in order to reduce diet-related diseases, resolve hunger, and restore planetary health. The Secretary-General is calling all citizens to collective action, so as to “radically change the way we produce, process, transport, market and consume food”.
The conversations and actions are happening now and chefs should be at the forefront. We believe that by chefs working together, we can help deliver the UN Sustainable Development Goals and provide a better food system for all. 
The Chefs' Pledge is facilitated by the Chefs' Manifesto, in support of the United Nations Food Systems Summit, in partnership with the World Association of Chefs Societies, Chefs 4 The Planet, Social Gastronomy, The Chef Ann Foundation, Good Food Fund China, Le Cordon Bleu.

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Chefs' Pledge
We the chefs commit to accelerate food systems transformation, to help achieve the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. We pledge to ensure good food for all by taking action on the Chefs’ Manifesto Thematic Areas, first and foremost in one or more of the following ways:

1. Thematic Area 1 - Ingredients grown with respect for the earth & its oceans 
I will get to know my ingredients: How are they grown, reared or sourced? I will choose ingredients with the lowest impact on the environment.

2. Thematic Area 2 - Protection of biodiversity & improved animal welfare
I will lead by example: To maintain the rich diversity of the world’s natural larder by using different varieties of plants, grains and proteins. I will champion ‘wild’ variants and avoid monoculture.

3. Thematic Area 3 - Investment in livelihoods
I will get to know my ingredients: Who grows, harvests, sources and packages them? How do they get to you? I will investigate the journey from farm to fork. I will choose ingredients with as few intermediaries as possible between myself and the farmer.

4. Thematic Area 4 - Value natural resources & reduce waste
I will lead by example: through separating, monitoring and setting targets to reduce food waste.

5. Thematic Area 5: Celebration of seasonal & local foods
I will use my purchasing power: Buying locally produced foods in season and avoiding air-freighted foods.

6. Thematic Area 6: A focus on plant-based ingredients
I will lead by example: Making vegetables, beans and pulses the centre of my dishes

7. Thematic Area 7: Education on food safety & healthy diets
I will be a community food champion: Showcasing best practice on food safety, allergens and nutrition in my kitchen and through my menus.

8. Thematic Area 8: Nutritious food that is accessible & affordable for all

I will be a community food champion: Supporting initiatives that provide access to nutritious meals.

I pledge to do my part, to ensure Good Food For All!

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Upload a photo or video of you signing the pledge to social media, tag #chefspledge #chefsmanifesto and help us create a photo wall of chefs from all over the world!
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