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The goal of ScreenBreak is to offer families the opportunity to evaluate the role that screens play in their lives and explore other options. Your participation, by providing an alternate activity, is what makes this a successful community event. We welcome your feedback. Your ideas, thoughts, and experiences will enable us to offer the most optimal ScreenBreak experience in the future.

* 1. Name of your business or organization.

* 2. How many children would you estimate participated in your event(s) over the course of the week?

* 3. Was this higher, lower, or about what you anticipated?

* 4. Did you experience increased patronage during ScreenBreak?

* 5. Would you participate in Screen Break again next year?

* 6. Do you have any comments, feedback, or suggestions for the ScreenBreak Planning Committee?

* 7. If appropriate, please provide a testimonial or quote in support of Screen-Free Week to be used in our future press materials.