* 1. How often do you listen to WHCP?

* 2. Do you mostly listen to 101.5 FM or "online streaming"

* 3. Quickly rate the programs you are familiar with (listed by weekly appearance on air!)

  Definitely NOT my "cup of tea" Ho-hum "OK" Enjoyable Love it! N/A
Raising the Dead Overnights (12 am - 5 am, daily)
Bruce Patrick's MidShore Morning Wakeup (6 am - 9am M-F)
HodgePodge Happy Hour (~9 am - ~10:41.5 am M-F)
Brunch With the Beatles (11 am - Noon M-F)
MidShore MidDay (Noon - 1 pm Sun-Fri)
Big Picture Science (1-2 pm MWF)
Indie City with Drew (Mon 2-3 pm; Tues & Thurs 6-8 pm; Fridays 3-4 pm)
Boomer Tunes with Diane Marquette (M-F 3-6 pm, except Fridays from 4 pm)
Shore Country with Bruce Patrick (MWF 6-7 pm)
Swinging With Jim (Sun, MWF 7 - 8 pm)
Lady Spins the Blues with Dr. Donna (M,W, Sun 8 - 10 pm)
Jazzmatazz with Drew (Weds, 2-3 pm; Tues 8- 10 pm; Saturdays 6-8 pm
Shore Stories (Sat 9-10 am; Sun 5-6 pm; Thursday 1-2 pm)
Bay Blues with Paul Clipper (Thursday & Saturday 8-10 pm
Sampling the Greats with Levi Lewis (Friday and Sunday 10-11 pm; Saturday 2-3 pm; Sunday 10-11 pm)
Doris Radio with Marco and Devonte (Friday 11pm -Midnight; Saturday 1-2 pm; Sunday 4-5 pm)
Cambridge Casual Saturday Mornings with Mike Starling (Saturday 6-8 am)
Women in Music with Laney Goodman (Saturday 8-9 am)
Celtic Crossroads with Cheryl Campbell (Saturday 10-11 am; Sunday 5-6 pm)
Chesapeake Folk with Diana Wagner (Saturday 3-4 pm)
Folk Alley with Elena See (Saturday 4-6 pm; Sunday 1-3 pm)
Sunday Morning Praise with Amanda and Matt (6-9 am Sunday)
7th Day Adventists with Cesar Gonzalez (9-10 am Sunday)
Concierto (10 am - noon Sunday)
Sports Around the Table with Cole Ledger and Jackson Coe (Sunday 3-3:30 pm; Tuesday 1-1:30 pm)

* 4. Do you like hearing 20-20 Cambridge Marine Weather . . .

* 5. MidShore MidDay Feedback

  Not my cup of tea Ho-hum "OK" Enjoyable Love It! N/A
FSN News
Banner News Minute
Sports Update (Ben Bruener, Tues & Thursday)
In-depth interviews (daily, Diane, Cathy & Mike and local community leaders)
Community Calendar (Susan Klise's daily listing of upcoming events)
Dr. Tom "Keeping In Touch" (Dr. Tom "the old Honker" Flowers)
Courthouse Chronicles (Steve Rideout, courthouse personnel nationwide)
Foster Stories (Steve Ridout, foster kids and families nationwide)
20-20 Weather
MidShore At The Movies (new feature with Susan Morgan, Mike Starling)
"Just A Thought" (life commentaries from Diane Marquette)

* 6. Give us your best suggestions on how to make WHCP even better: (more or less of anything at all, etc.)

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