* 1. Do you have a smartphone (i.e., a phone that allows you to access the internet)?

* 2. If you have a smartphone, which apps do you use?

* 3. Would you use online giving to pay your pledge or make a donation to SFPC, either by phone or on your computer?

* 4. Would you donate to SFPC electronically if you have to pay an additional 3% administrative charge to do so?

* 5. If some in worship use their phones to make an online donation during the offering, while others are using the offering plates, would you personally feel it detracts from your worship experience?

* 6. Please tell us which social media you use, e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc..

* 7. Would you like to know how to put a shortcut icon for the SFPC website on your smartphone?

* 8. Thank you for completing this survey. Do you have any suggestions about how we can make electronic interactions better?