* 1. Citizens' Climate Lobby needs people of all ages who care about the climate to spread our positive message of a nonpartisan, market-based solution for our changing climate. The Highland Festival Parade is a fun venue with thousands of spectators from around the country, a fabulous opportunity to inform the public!

We have posters to carry or bring your own. Scottish themes/dress a bonus! We'll have info to hand out as well. Make it a family event! Pets are welcome, too. :-)) Donuts provided!

Can you march for the climate and Citizens' Climate Lobby in the Alma Highland Festival parade, Saturday, May 27? Marchers must assemble between 8:30 and 9:30 a.m. for the one mile parade which starts promptly at 10:30.

* 2. How many others will be coming with you?

* 3. In order to send you line-up information and confirm that the number of marchers meet the minimum, please enter your name and the best way to contact you with your phone number or email address. We'll also contact you by Thursday night if we need to cancel our participation due to insufficient marchers.

* 4.  Questions?