Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts and suggestions about yo ur employment
with Emory. This information will be kept confidential. Please Note: if you already
have completed a questionnaire, you need not complete another one.

* 1. What factor(s) contributed to your decision to separate employment from Emory? (Check all that apply.)

* 2. Would you consider working at Emory in the future?

* 3. Would you recommend Emory as a place of employment?

* 4. Were your expectations of Emory met during your employment?

* 5. What was the most positive aspect of your employment?

* 6. What was the least positive aspect of your employment?

* 7. Do you have any suggestions or comments that would make Emory a better place to work?

* 8. Before making your decision to leave Emory, did you explore the possibility of a transfer to another department or discuss your decision with your Supervisor?

* 9. If you have accepted other employment, what does your new job offer that employment with Emory did not offer?