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For current students of Loma Linda School of Allied Health Professions.

We are seeking Allied Health students who would like to represent our School, their chosen profession and AH program through an online student profile on the school's website. Your personal perspectives will be used for the purposes of marketing of our school and programs.

If you would like to be featured, Please answer the following questions in your own words. Answers do not have to be lengthy but remember these profiles are a public relection of you. We will edit for spelling and grammar.

Several questions are required and please respond to at least 4 of the remaining choices. Questions are written with options for you to choose from.

Your last name and school email will not be published but is required so we may contact you.

We will also want to take a couple of professional quality photos of you or you may provide photos to us. Photos will be by appointment around your course schedule. Students are encouraged to be creative with hobbies, educational or professional props or express their international heritages.

For further information or questions, please contact cebender@llu.edu or akroetz@llu.edu. Dr Kroetz is located in Room NH A517.

See our current profiles@ http://www.llu.edu/allied-health/sahp/profiles/index.page? or you may find a link on the main school page.

* Please provide the following:

* Where did you complete your prerequisites or previous college degree(s)? (College/University name, We will link to your former school(s) Leave blank if you choose not to acknowledge your previous school.)
What other degrees have you achieved? (This may help a prospective student in choosing their educational path)

* Why did you choose to attend the School of Allied Health Professions at Loma Linda University? or
Why did you choose your chosen SAHP program? or
How is LLU unique from other schools you have attended?

* From your personal point of view.....How is LLU preparing you for your chosen health care profession? or
Define in your own words your chosen health care profession.

* What are your plans for after graduation? or
Where do you see yourself in five years?

* What activities do you participate in outside of class on or off campus. Activities may include sports, hobbies, de-stressing measures etc.

* What type of community service do you participate in? (community, support/awareness, religious etc)

* What advice do you have for new students? (interested in LLU or your program specifically) or
For Interational Students: What advice do you have for students interested in attending LLU from your country?

* What has been your favorite course you have taken so far and why? or
Who is your favorite professor/CI and why? or
Tell us about a clinical experience you have had and how it has impacted you or your career choice?

* Your Top 5 favorite places around LLU (recreation, restaurants, study spots, etc) or
Top 5 favorite websites you like to visit.

* For students returning to further their education or making career changes...
What motivates you to continue your educational pursuits?
What motivated your choice to change your career path?
What jobs have you held previously?
What extra challenges have you experienced returning to school? (family,scheduling, jobs etc)

* Any additional comments regarding attending LLU