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As required by the Oregon Legislature’s House Bill 2001, middle housing will soon become an option for Durham residents. HB2001 requires cities to allow duplexes, triplexes, quadplexes, townhouses, and cottage clusters to be built in residential zones. The goal is to create more home ownership opportunities for Oregonians at every stage of their lives. These new opportunities will also make it easier for Durham residents to age in place, with accessible homes that still offer independence. The project will also look at ways to gently increase density, while having a minimal impact on our neighborhoods.

This short survey will help us better understand your thoughts on housing in Durham. We appreciate your feedback, and invite you to attend one of our two virtual, one-hour public information sessions at 5 pm on February 2, 2022 or 9 am on February 3, 2022 to ask your questions and share your concerns (the same information will be shared at both times).

Thank you!

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