1. Lupus Thoughts

I am currently doing a research on Lupus and how it affects individuals. I hope you are able to be open and express your thoughts and feelings when dealing with Lupus. Try to answer all the questions as best as you can.

There is a box below the question and you may feel free to write as much as you desire. =)
**Optional- First and Last Name (You can write it in the first answer box)

* 1. How has Lupus affected your life? (You can say how it affected your lifestyle, occupation, daily routines, family, etc.) Please be specific.

* 2. Are you the type of person who breaks down after hearing that you have Lupus? or are you the person who is optimistic and is ready to face challenges and cope with Lupus? Explain.

* 3. Were your friends and family members there to support you and help you through the difficult times when you had Lupus?

* 4. What would you say to newly diagnosed patients with Lupus? or how would you make them not feel bad/depressed after hearing he or she is diagnosed with Lupus?

* 5. How has Lupus affected your ability to do the things you enjoy? (e.g. traveling, working)

* 6. How has being diagnosed with Lupus affect your future goals and dreams?

* 7. How do you think Lupus has affected who you are as a person? (has your character changed? do you value health more after you were diagnosed with Lupus?)

* 8. What steps have you taken to take charge of your own Lupus? (e.g. Did you go find doctors yourself? or keep track of your symptoms and finding ways to control Lupus better?)

* 9. What were some of the Lupus tests that you took? (tests that were positive which showed that you had Lupus)

* 10. Feel free to write down other thoughts or feelings about Lupus or yourself. It may be a short story of how you found out that you had Lupus or how your family supported you throughout this tough time.