* 1. Please explain your company’s recruiting/hiring process. Begin with how your company identifies candidates and continue through the interviewing, decision-making, and hiring phases.

* 2. Looking at the effectiveness and efficiency of your talent strategy, what percentage of your hires fit your business strategy and are successful ("Top Talent")?

* 3. How satisfied are you with the success of your current talent strategy (1 being completely unsatisfied and 5 being completely satisfied)?

* 4. Please explain what works and doesn’t work about your current talent strategy method. What aspect of your process is causing you the most difficulty and preventing you from getting the results you desire?

* 5. Identify your role and responsibility in the hiring process, and explain your involvement in creating the standards/job specs by which you hire?

* 6. Are the recruiters in your organization “agents of management" or “consultants to management"? (An agent of management simply looks to fill the job based on the specs provided. A consultant to management works with management to define, develop and hire the right people to execute on a business strategy.)

* 7. As a hiring manager (Any individual filling a position where the hire reports directly to you) how do you feel about your talent acquisition process and what, if any, problems do you perceive? In addition, how do your hiring managers below you feel about the hiring process?

* 8. What are your manager’s (the individual you report to directly) thoughts about your company's talent strategy and its alignment to business strategy?

* 9. Please fill in the boxes below and we will forward you the results of the survey. Thank you.