Welcome to the Tapestry Registry Application/Nomination Form

The Innovation Registry connects existing programs that support Black business development with opportunities for funding and partnership. Please use this form to submit an application or nominate an organization.

We are excited to learn more about how organizations are helping Black businesses grow and thrive.


To be considered a Tapestry Registry fit, organizations must meet the following criteria:

1. An Organization must provide business services to support the development and growth of Black-owned businesses in the United States.

2. An organization must meet one of the following:
  • Clientele served must consist of at least 80% Black entrepreneurs;
  • Have programs specifically tailored to support Black entrepreneurs; or
  • If an organization is a capital provider, it must have funds that are specifically earmarked for Black business development. In addition with providing capital, the organization must also provide technical assistance along with this funding. 
3. All programming must be continual and been in existence for more than a year

For more information about the Tapestry Project Innovation Registry click here.