Purpose of the survey

You have been selected  to participate in a survey on the TPC. The goal of this survey is to gather your views about the TPC’s current and future environment. The objective is to identify higher level or strategic trends, issues, opportunities or changes that are occurring, or will occur within the next 1-2 or so years, which could affect the nature, direction, sustainability, relevance or viability of the TPC, its management, fiscal position, governance structure, operations, programs or services. This information will be used by the Steering Committee to formulate recommendations.

Please think of any key trends or changes you foresee in the future in each of the areas defined below. Think of both external and internal key focus issues or trends to share, and which will make us a better association. All data will be aggregated and no specific comments will be attributed to any individual or organization. The surveyshould take you no more than 10 minutes to complete. The survey will close on September 29, 2017.