Should the Alternate Delegate be included in the January conference calls on the GSC Agenda? 

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* 1. E.      Discuss report on the Conference Agenda Process from the trustees' Committee on the General Service Conference.


          This report focuses on the 1st year's experience with Conference calls in January.  Before the January Board meeting, each delegate was on a conference call with the other delegates on their Committee, as well as the corresponding Trustees and staff members. 

          This was, of course, a learning experience, and a number of suggestions were made afterward for how to improve this.

          As I read through the 20+ pages of responses from the evaluation of the process, I wondered if it would be a good idea to include the Alternate Delegate's in these calls, as observers only, not having a voice or vote.   I think it is important to do all I can as a Delegate to make sure the Alternate can step in and take over should something happen.  Past history of the General Service Conference has several instances where a Delegate wound up not being able to attend the Conference, and the Alternate went in their stead.  Being involved in this January conference call would only serve to improve their readiness should something happen. 

Do you support this idea?

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