Community Advisory Group Application

The Community Advisory Group will meet several times over the next year to discuss proposed policies as part of the Town's General Plan Update.The Town Council will select a group of  9-15 applicants representing diverse viewpoints in the community.
Applicants must live, work, own property or have a business interest in Yountville.

* 1. Name

* 2. Email address

* 3. Street Address

* 4. City

* 5. Please identify your neighborhood.

* 6. Phone number

* 7. What is your age? (Optional)

* 8. Employment  (Please check all that apply).

* 9. How long have you lived in Yountville?

* 10. Property interest (Please check all that apply).

* 11. Please describe your involvement in the Yountville community.

* 12. What makes Yountville special to you?

* 13. Why are you interested in serving on this group?

* 14. What would you contribute to this effort?