The First Step on Your Journey to #HairLove

Hello! My name is Kali Patrice. Friends and clients call me the Original Hair Whisperer. I’ve had a remarkably in-depth, lifelong love affair with hair and I am committed to helping you find and keep beautiful hair that fits your life AND style. If you are ready to upgrade your hair + your life, I'd love to help you!

My best clients are smart, skeptical (Yes, skeptical - because there is a lot of nonsense out here related to hair!) and ready to invest once and for all in processes and tools that allows them to fall in love with their hair. The journey is not for everyone, but if the time is right for you, I am honored to be your partner and guide!



This short questionnaire about you + your hair will take a bit less than 10-minutes to complete. Please share your availability at the end so we can schedule your consultation + service. Feel free to email if you have additional questions.


The LIVE Boss Curl 5-day BootCamp and weekly Wash+ Wear Wednesday webinars are Free! And the #HairLove Soirée registration is free for first-time guests. #HairCamp™ Home Edition is an awesome "hair school" with access to engaging lectures, virtual styling + tutorial sessions ranging from $125 - $500. Private, live, hands-on hair experiences with me are billed at $400/service hour. Fees are due at the time of booking.
Discounted, bundled pricing is available to #HairCamp™ Home Edition PRIVATE SERIES guests, as well as VIP annual service retainers. Both are by invitation only. If you are looking for a high-value, premium experience, schedule a discovery call for more information about these two programs.


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