Thank you for participating in our survey. 

This survey is divided into two sections: District and Network Plans for the Comprehensive Plan and Transportation Improvements and Policies for the Long Range Transportation Plan.

In the first section, District and Network Plans, you'll be asked to review a series of maps and recommendations for eight districts and three networks drafted for the Town of Mount Pleasant Comprehensive Plan. Please use the space provided below each district and network to provide and comments or feedback.  

The second section of the survey is designed to obtain feedback on the potential transportation projects, policies and programs identified in the planning process. We would also like your opinion about a proposed bicycle and pedestrian path called the "Mount Pleasant Way." Please use the spaces below each question to provide feedback on the potential projects, your level of support for the six policy and program areas, and the proposed "Mount Pleasant Way."

You are NOT REQUIRED to answer all questions or respond to all statements in this survey. To skip a question or section, simply jump ahead to the next question or page. This survey will be open to input until July 9, 2018.

We need your input to guide this planning process. Thank you for taking the time to ensure this is a citizen based process, rooted in our core values.