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Exposure to second and thirdhand tobacco smoke and e-cigarette vapor can cause many negative health outcomes, especially in children.  Please answer this quick survey to assess your childcare services regarding tobacco.

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* 1. Do you allow smoking, vaping (e-cigarettes, JUUL and other similar devices) or chewing tobacco

  Yes No N/A
Inside any portion of your home when children ARE NOT present?
In garages outdoor areas or on patios when children ARE NOT present?
In garages, outdoor areas or on patios, while children ARE present
Inside any vehicle that could be used to transport children in care?
During field trips, walks or other off-site activities with children?
Do you provide a written/e-mail copy of your smoking/vaping rules to families with children in care?

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* 2. Do you accept DCF subsidy childcare payments?

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* 3. Are you interested in making changes to qualify for the Clean Air Childcare Recognition program? We are here to help!  Please list your name and email address and you will be contacted to receive FREE technical assistance.  

Thank you for doing all you can to provide a safe, caring and healthy environment for children in your care. Email: or call: (316) 285-9355 for questions, assistance, or education on the dangers of secondhand and thirdhand smoke.
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