* 1. Are you planning to attend the Ithaca Grand Prix of Cyclocross p/b TOKEN PRODUCTS on Saturday, September 8, 2012?

* 2. Have you previously attended the Ithaca GP?

* 3. At this year's race, would you prefer hot dogs (as usual) or ice cream bars or both?

* 4. How far will you be driving to get to the Ithaca GP?

* 5. What category or categories will you race?

* 6. How did you hear about the Ithaca GP?

* 7. Do you follow @ithacagp on Twitter?

* 8. Have you previously visited the Ithaca GP's Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/IthacaGP ?

* 9. What music should be playing at the start of your waive(s) of races?

* 10. Anything you really want to see (or don't want to see) to help make the Ithaca GP even better?

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